Internet Tubes

Meeting strangers online so your audience can talk to tubes.

There was a recent post on HN asking users to show the website what they are working on. I try to always have a side project in progress and I'm currently neck deep in the Daily Story project (season 2).

I posted that I was working on a short story podcast and went on my way. Enter Mitchell. Mitchell reached out on twitter, he wanted a guinea pig to test his own project on Amazon Echo (Alexa). His project, Fourthcast, is to add your podcast as a skill to Alexa so your audience can listen to your podcast with a simple invocation.

I don't own an Alexa tube. I've never developed a skill or app for any Amazon platform. Didn't matter, Mitchell had me covered.

So after following some simple instructions my podcast is now on Amazon. That's nuts! I was just sitting around, never even considering that as an option or a possibility, and a lil internet community back-scratching did something really cool.

So to Mitchell, to HN, to my fellow nerds out there who are working on neat projects: Thank you! Like anything, the internet has its flaws, but it's a really cool place.