lyrical madman spittin his bad hand
two seven offsuit i make it my last stand
wake up every day at 530 cause im responsible
working 40 hours a week, that shits not impossible

when I get off work its all errands and chores
occasionally replenishing some of my grocery stores
evenings are spent getting my game on
nazi zombies ‘nades getting rained on

surfing the net updating facebook status
cute girl friend request is making me nervous
my friends wanna party but i gotta get to bed
1030 lockdown soft music in my head

party time happens just once in a while
ruin it with the hotties with my awkward style
pretend to text when i feel left out
infrequent drinking means this natty’s pretty stout

in retrospect i shouldn’t of texted those girls
but one showed up anyway lets give it a whirl
friends making fun of my desperate selection
feelings arent hurt i just want some affection

spitting my slurred word relational super glue
bond just needs to last till i lose this buzzing mood
awkward moments in bed in the morning
this rap should serve as my no-drinking warning